Executive summary

BEM Enterprises LLC is a global innovation leader in adversity training, peak performance management, executive coaching, organizational development and applied research. The firm is propelled by the imperative to ignite, to our clients’ complex challenges through systemically tailored solutions. We are a growing company with big ideas, and for nearly a decade, we have been essential partners to some of the biggest organizations in the world. And yet, our innovation approach to problem solving hinges on four small beliefs. Innovation is the fabric of success and necessary for growth. A step-by-step approach is more than just a process. New ideas are born from challenges. And the brightest future belongs to those organizations who embrace change and challenges.

Jacqueline Owens

I can’t tell you how much it means to us to have someone like yourself speak at our workshop. You truly fueled the fire inside of our leaderdhip team.

Ryan Prucker

Ron’s abilty to ignite peak performance and drive result are unmatched

Larry Eulette

I was amazed at the changes that occured after members of our team listened to Ron’s message. I am now willing, ready and able to succeed.

Arthur Tyson

You have inspired me to live my dreams! I now believe that—it’s possible!

Lana W. Powers

Just a note of thanks for your outstanding presentation yesterday.  You have challenged each of us to overcome adversity.

Amy Mitchum

Ron Mitchell is one of the best speakers in the world. His abilty to connect and ignite the human spirit is simply amazing. The I want, I need, I must message changed my life and uplifted my spirit.